Our mission is to grow a community where fathers of only girls (FOGS) can engage, share and learn from each other. FOGS was formed to shine a brighter light on the importance of a modern father role model in a daughters upbringing

The FOGS Community key purpose is to give fathers the support, encouragement and tools to be the most awesome fathers they can be; and to provide all girls with the opportunity to be the most awesome daughters they can be.  We create events to grow our network, learn about leading fatherhood methods, have fun with our children and raise awareness and funds for our charity partners.

Core Values

Being a FOG means that we have committed to playing a pivotal role in the lives of our daughters. We do this by living our core values, which include -

  • Leading by example and encouraging our daughters to develop strong characters and independent spirits. 
  • Genuinely connecting with other fathers to strengthen our role as a parent. 
  • Giving back to our communities by helping all girls to grow into confident women.  


As a community of FOGS we have the capacity to make a real and enduring difference in the lives of girls. We will accomplish this by -

  • Strengthening our relationships with our daughters through positive connections.
  • Enabling fathers of only girls to grow through connection to other fathers.
  • Positively impacting the lives of girls in our communities and around the world.